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tarot-sybarite said: I missed this. What's "New Black"?




New Black is a term Pharrell Coined where he defines as black people beyond race. etc. "The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues”

Black twitter and tumblr dragged him in response and most of us use the term to describe black people that are so deluded by internalized racism and their class that they can no longer relate everyday black people even in the face of racism. 

For example; Keke Palmer, Don Lemon, Kanye West, Tamar Braxton, Morgan Freeman, etc

wait why is kanye considered a new black

he just made a statement about the poor little white girl getting picked on and an all black school and how it had something to do with interracial relationship. the link is on my blog somewhere 

he’s left us. he’s gone. 

So Black girls stop wearing bindis



neymar in miami, 09.01.2014

yes brazil nt is in Miami

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"Mats, I’ve recently heard that you played against Germany’s best Playstation gamer and that it ended in a draw- no? You won?"

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Nicki Minaj - Selfie queen

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